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The Wordsmith's Edge

Kari Elizabeth W. & Elizabeth Mae Wolfram

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Welcome To Our Blog!

We are a mother-daughter team of authors who also run DHK Creations & Publications, LLC, helping independent authors of clean content get published. When we aren't writing, we are hobby-home chefs, love traveling when we can, and making incredible memories as a family!

What you'll see here is a variety of topics ranging from day-to-day life, book reviews, writing tips, and behind-the-scenes of our career!

"Helping Authors Not Only Chase, But Catch Their Dreams... One Sentence At A Time!"

How We Can Help Authors!


Follow Along On Our Blog To Learn The Ins & Outs of Writing, Character Creation, Finding Inspiration, Life As An Author, And So Much More!

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If you would like one-on-one, virtual help to learn more about formatting, publishing, and more, email or head over to the "Academy" page!


We offer several publishing packages to fit your needs, that way publishing doesn't have to be complicated! Learn more by heading over to:

We are proud authors of clean fiction. We promise that our books will never contain excessive gore/violence, explicit scenes, or portray sin in a positive light. We write from a Christian worldview, believing that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and striving to glorify Him in all we do - and that includes our fiction. 

Kari Elizabeth W. & Elizabeth Mae Wolfram

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